Lead Blankets

Lead Blankets

One of NPO’s most recognized shielding products is the lead wool blanket. Built to last, the proven strength and durability of these blankets are found within their formulation and construction. Each blanket is layered in continuous lead wool rope, minimizing gaps and increasing attenuation.

NPO’s lead blankets are highly flexible and are manufactured in a multitude of sizes, shapes and weights for effective shielding around components. The lead blankets are used in countless applications across the nuclear industry, yet still, every day, NPO is challenged with and defines new solutions for its  customers’ unique applications.


  • Mold lead blankets to many components
  • Lead wool rope stability, even with continuous hanging and rough use, has been proven to last more than 30 years
  • Customize outer covers with choice of color, material and company information
  • Information related to previous orders can be tracked because every NPO lead wool blanket has a traceable lot number
  • Available in Alpha Maritex Grey for High Temp applications


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