Pressurizer Shielding Package

Pressurizer Shielding Package

PWR Pressurizer (PZR) shielding packages for all maintenance and Alloy 600 projects, including weld overlays, inspection and heater replacement. Packages include proprietary designs and/or engineering services leading to specialized designs. Mockup demonstrations and training with shielding packages is available.

Constructed of tungsten, iron and/or lead, NPO PZR shielding packages work in concert to maximize the shielding effectiveness for all PZR Inspection, maintenance and/or repair activities.

  • Secure all PZR shielding from one source: all parts working in harmony.
  • Maximize dose impact while¬†¬† minimizing installation time.
  • Receive effective ALARA shielding solutions.
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Recently Installed Package at an operating US Nuclear PWR.



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