Q-Track Radiation Simulation Training System

Q-Track Radiation Simulation Training System

The I.I.S. RSTS (Radiation Simulation Training System) powered by Q-Track technology gives trainers the ability to track personnel in a virtual radiation environment whch they can customize within the software.  Load the map of the training/mock-up area and place virtual radiation sources on the map which will alarm personnel wearing a Q-Dose tag (emulates a DMC 2000 dosimeter) and/or using a Q-XL (emulates a survey meter) when they get near the source.  The QT-640 tracking transmitter allows you to track your personnel and displays their path with color threshold changes as they move closer or further from the source.





Enhanced (DLA’s) Dynamic Learning Activities and ALARA radiation training
Received an INPO “strength” for training
Increase worker productivity
Shorten outages
Reduce utility cost (typical ROI in under a year)


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Filmed on location at The Southeast Nebraska Career Institute in Stella, NE where Cooper Nuclear Station has built to scale, a mock-up quarter section of their Drywell.   This (DLA) Dynamic Learning Activity along with the use of the I.I.S. Radiation Simulation Training system powered by Q-Track prepared personnel for the upcoming fan coil C & D replacement project during their 2012 fall outage.

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