Thermo: RadEye Series Radiation Detectors

RadEye NL thumb

RadEye NL: The ideal personal neutron radiation indicator.



RadEye AB100 Thumb

RadEye AB100:  Alpha Beta Contamination Monitor for surface contamination measurements



RadEye GX Thumb

RadEye GX:  Compact multipurpose survey meter for external Geiger Mueller counter tubes.



RadEye SX Thumb

RadEye SX:  Compact multi-purpose survey meter for external scintillator counter tubes.




RadEye PX Thumb


RadEye PX:  Survey meter for external proportional detectors


RadEye SPRD Thumb


RadEye SPRD: High-performance radiation detection and radionuclide analyzer designed to detect, locate and identify radioactive nuclides such as nuclear weapons, dirty bombs, orphaned or purposely masked sources.


RadEye G Thumb


RadEye G: Personal Radiation Detector


RadEye HEC Thumb


RadEye HEC: Sample counting system that provides simultaneous alpha and beta measurements.


RadEye B20-ER Thumb


RadEye B20-ER:  Quick survey and precision scaler measurement meters.  These modern and compact survey meters measure alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray surface contamination.


RadHalo Thumb


RadHalo:  Remote Environmental Dose Rate and Nuclide Identification for Nuclear Power, Environmental & Emergency Planning Applications

RadEye Series FME System

RadEye Selection Guide for Nuclear Power

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