Rad Hardened Camera Solutions


The HI-RAD XS is an extra small 720p HD PTZ color camera.


HI-RAD S is a 720p HD color camera developed from its popular predecessor MRAD S. It features a High Definition camera module, has x10 optical zoom and built-in pan and tilt functions. HI-RAD S HD is used for inspections where superior color rendition and High Definition resolution is needed.


The N71Z CMR is a radiation hardened, color camera with an auto focused x10 optical (x10 digital giving x100). The camera features a low light sensitivity high resolution image with excellent color reproduction. It’s designed for CCTV use in high radiation areas.


The N90Z is designed for CCTV use in high radiation areas with high temperature. It features a cooling system that makes it possible to use the camera in up to 70º C ambient temperatures.

I.I.S. N129Z MR Rad Tolerant Color CCTV Camera

The Ahlberg N129Z MR Radiation Tolerant Color CCTV Camera features a neutron shielding, 720TV line resolution, 10x optical zoom, and auto focus zoom. It is ideal for use in medium to high gamma and/or neutron radiation areas. Add an LED light and Pan Tilt Unit for maximized performance.

IIS N140

The N140-PTZ is used for surveillance of large surfaces where frequent auto re-focusing is required. It is also used for detailed inspections of reactor vessels and internal parts in reactors of any type.

PIS 200

The PIS200 is a state-of-the-art multi-functional control unit for most Ahlberg HD, SD and monochrome tube cameras with pan & tilt units and lights. The control unit is fitted in a case that is equipped with control panels, DVR, a large HD-screen and wheels for easy mobility.


PIS 180

Portable Inspection System PIS180 is a complete monitoring system for inspection cameras and lighting. Fitted in a suitcase with a handle, the PIS180 is a portable and very flexible system for controlling a camera and lighting.