Analog Camera Solutions

Panasonic 954

The Panasonic WV-CS954 Super Dynamic III dome camera is equipped with a 30X optical zoom lens. Combined with a 10X digital zoom, for a total zoom capability up to 300X, this camera can identify distant subjects.

Pelco Spectra Mini Dome Analog

The Pelco Spectra Mini analog dome network camera incorporates many well-known features from Pelco’s full-size Spectra Series dome system into a cost effective, small form factor. The easy-to-install dome system can be mounted to the surface of ceilings or recessed into hard ceilings and suspended tile ceilings.

pedestal stealth

The PTZ Pedestal Stealth Analog Network Camera features ultra high molecular polyethelene housing. The Pedestal Stealth sports a high quality Sony camera unit with a Pelco D PTZ control unit. It features a LED lighting system for use in low light areas.