Vocera: Instant Voice Recognition Wireless Communication

Vocera: Instant Voice Recognition Wireless Communication

Introducing the all “NEW” V5000 Vocera Smart Badge!

V5000 Vocera Smart Badge

Wireless Bluetooth High Noise Cancelling Headset for use with Vocera


We have a variety of noise cancelling, hearing protection and conversation concealing headsets for you to choose from to accommodate every Vocera application.


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Vocera Collaboration Suite is the industry’s only, enterprise-class, HIPAA compliance enabling voice and secure texting smartphone application that allows you to call by name, group, or broadcast. This solution creates a seamless user experience, combining the unique calling, texting, alerting and content distribution capabilities of Vocera into one, secure and easy-to-use mobile application. Instantly connecting plant personnel inside or outside the facility improves staff productivity, safety and the overall experience. Vocera offers a choice of end-user devices to ensure the continuous flow of critical communication. For those plant personnel who rely on smart devices, Vocera Collaboration Suite offers the convenience of voice technology with the security to text critical data, and the functionality to integrate with key plant alerts and alarms systems.