Mobile Video Lighting

The POEL 3

The I.I.S. (PoEL) Power over Ethernet Light gives you a quick and easy way to deploy lighting. Plugs into a PoE network switch and this lightweight design with adjustable tilt and handle make this a great addition to your tool inventory. Great for steam affected areas.


Off Grid Light Cart 2

The LED Light Cart provides a portable solution to illuminate an area. Equipped with handles and wheels, it’s hand truck style mobility allows for easy deployment. The rechargeable batteries can give you lighting for up to 16 hours.


See Anywhere Lights Only

Deploy a wireless camera anywhere with The I.I.S. Mobile Light System has a ruggedized case with wheels houses the battery unit. It has a 2’ to 7’ telescoping pole, 2 power outlets, and comes equipped with 2 LED lights. Use the LED lights for illuminating the area for a better video image.