Telex Keypanels


The RTS VoIP Virtual Keypanel (VKP) is a Windows-based application that allows any user to have a fully functioning RTS Digital Matrix Intercom user station on their PC.


,The KP32 Available in a 16 or 32 (pictured) position model. Also available in black or RTS gray. Optional RC/GPI connector assembly available. Uses optional MCP-90-12 or MCP-90-18 gooseneck microphone. Keypanel includes full function programming keypad, non-volatile memory and rear panel dip switches for user options.


The Telex RKP-4 4-position wireless intercom system is 1 to 1(1 base station to 1 beltpack) full duplex, digitally encrypted wireless intercom and will provide communication directly to RTS Matrix communication systems.


The Telex WKP-1 1-position value series wall keypanel is the industrial keypanel from Telex. It offers simplified operation and integrates seamlessly with RTS digital intercom systems (RTS ADAM, Cronus, ZEUS intercom systems).