Dry Cask Shielding Solutions

IIS Dry Cask 3

The Dry Cask Lead Shield is an ultra high-density lead shielding is optimally sized for fit, coverage and ergonomics, and includes a high-temperature alpha maritex cover. The 700lb. (approx.) dry cask provides an approx. gamma reduction at Co-60 of 65%. Modular pieces allow for removal only in the required areas to maximize dose reduction.

Nuetron Shielding

Dry Cask Neutron Gamma shield ring consists of Borated Poly and T-Flex Tungsten


Holtec Dry Cask Neutron-Gamma shield consists of Borated Poly and T-Flex Tungsten Designed to shield neutron and gamma sources with dry cask operations.

IIS Dry Cask 2

The Transfer Cask Shield Bell containing an 1.5” of steel and 8” of borated poly to give a 94% Gamma and 90% Neutron attenuation. It is designed to be placed directly on the transfer cask or the work platform. The lifting eyelets makes it possible to deploy the 8,000 lb shield bell.


Borated Polyethelene Panels for shielding the railing on the platform during Dry Cask Storage activities.