I.I.S. WiFi Mobile Camera

The I.I.S. Mobile WiFi is great for 2nd verification, “See What I See”, inspections…

Connects wirelessly to your network to view/record live streaming video in Security Desk and Milestone.

Recently deployed in a US Nuclear Plant: During movement of a large component (Heavy Load) an interference caused the process to stop. Due to the fact they would be working under this Heavy Load and it was in a LHRA, it was going to be very difficult to inspect in a timely fashion.  Within 5 minutes, they were able to attach the camera to a pole which allowed them to view the obstruction and not enter the LHRA to do so. 

“The time and dose saved being able to view and inspect the damages from a safe working distance was invaluable”!!!   – Fleet Reactor Services Manager  

Carbon Fiber Pole Option, Extends up to 15′

For long term deployment, plug into AC power or extend battery life by connecting to a power bank.


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