Customer Experience

400 Badge Vocera System at PSE&G Hope Creek!

PSE&G at Hope Creek station went forward with the decision after Salem performed a brief 20 badge pilot of Vocera for Telex Replacement.  Based on Vocera ‘s performance, Hope Creek is implementing a 400 badge Vocera system to replace Telex and Spectra Link.  The system will be interfaced with the PBX allowing communications from all sources to be bridged together, including Intracom and Telex.   They will also utilize the I.I.S. Auto Update optional feature where workers receive dose/dose rate info every 15 to 30 minutes on their badges as determined by RP.


The I.I.S. Pole Camera was great!

“Yes, we had to go in at power to find the splice in overhead cable trays. The 20’ pole cam was exactly the right ticket. Saved 200mrem and answered allot of questions for outage planning. Great quality of picture and overall durability of the product”.

-Tim Bigler, Sr. ALARA Analyst: FP&L: Point Beach Nuclear Plant

The I.I.S. Remote Fire Watch System

“We use the cameras in the spent fuel pools and safe shutdown building.  All together we have 12 cameras.  With the cameras functioning, we don’t perform fire watch for the covered areas.  We take credit for the cameras ability to detect on smoke and flame and alarm in the control room”.

-Matt Cha, Duke Power: McGuire Station

“The system here at Darlington has 20 cameras in our Reactor Tube Waste Processing Building.  This building is  used to process and store waste material which has been removed from the reactors as part of the refurbishment program currently taking place at the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station.  The analytics are used to protect all of the open areas – which is most of the building.  There’s a few small rooms (mechanical, electrical, control room, etc.) that use conventional detectors, but the bulk of the floor area in the building is protected with the analytics.  Each detector is connected to the building fire alarm system through the on-board alarm & trouble relays”.  

-Mark Peters, OPG: Darlington Station

The I.I.S. WiFi Mobile Camera

Recently deployed in a US Nuclear Plant: During movement of a large component (Heavy Load) an interference caused the process to stop. Due to the fact they would be working under this Heavy Load and it was in a LHRA, it was going to be very difficult to inspect in a timely fashion.  Within 5 minutes, they were able to attach the camera to a pole which allowed them to view the obstruction and not enter the LHRA to do so.

“The time and dose saved being able to view and inspect the damages from a safe working distance was invaluable”!!!  

– Fleet Reactor Services Manager