I.I.S. Wireless Sensor Monitoring System

The only wireless sensor platform on the planet with 12+ year battery life and over 1,200 feet wireless range (non-line-of-sight).  900 MHz products use frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), that are frequency-agile, providing better RF interference immunity in the most demanding applications. Integrated on-board data storage allows for days, weeks or months of time-stamped data logging. Over-the-air (OTA) updates allow IIS products to be updated remotely making them future-proof.



IIS sensor products use IIS new Encrypt-RF® bank level security, featuring a 256-bit exchange to establish a global unique key, and an AES-128 CTR for all data messages. So security is maintained at all communication points from sensor to base station, base station to software, and back again.


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Types of SensorsI.I.S. Wireless Humidity Sensor

I.I.S. Wireless Temperature Sensor

I.I.S. Wireless Thermocouple Sensor

I.I.S. Wireless Vibration Sensor

I.I.S. Wireless Water Rope Sensor

I.I.S. Wireless Motion Detect Sensor

I.I.S. Wireless Open/Close Sensor

I.I.S. Wireless Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor

I.I.S. Wireless Sensor Base (Ethernet Gateway)




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