I.I.S. Pole Camera Solutions

Zistos Portable Video Inspection System

The I.I.S. Pole Cam System allows comprehensive inspections to be conducted both efficiently and safely. No other alternative system can match the portability, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Our premier search systems featuring very low light sensitive color cameras with illumination capable of conducting inspections in total darkness.

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The I.I.S. Pole camera was great!

“Yes, we had to go in at power to find the splice in overhead cable trays. The 20’ pole cam was exactly the right ticket. Saved 200mrem and answered allot of questions for outage planning. Great quality of picture and overall durability of the product”.

-Tim Bigler, Sr. ALARA Analyst: FP&L: Point Beach Nuclear Plant

I.I.S. Rad Worker Snubber Inspection

Overhead Inspection System







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Utility Inspection Unit

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