Telex Zeus III Compact Audio Matrix Intercom

Telex Zeus III Compact Audio Matrix Intercom


Redundant Power Supplies
The unit comes with two (2) completely independent power supplies powered from separate AC feeds.

USB Port
The USB port is used for system confi guration using AZedit Intercom software.

Trunk Capable
Using either the dedicated DB-9 trunk connector with standard RS485 protocol, or newly release Ethernet trunking the Zeus III is able to communicate with a RTS trunk master system.

Additional Channels/Ports
The Zeus III is a 32-channel intercom matrix. Each channel can be used to connect to a keypanel or 4W audio (audio IN/OUT).

Dual-Channel Party Line Interface
Zeus III includes an interface for additional two (2) channels of party line. From the front panel it can be configured for use with RTS TW, Telex Audiocom, or Clear-Com party line systems. No additional interfaces are necessary.

Remote Configuration
With the addition of Ethernet to the unit, you can now remotely configure your Zeus III.

Dynamic Keypanel Addressing
Zeus III now automatically addresses keypanels when they are connected to the frame. This eliminates the need for setting keypanel addresses and maintaining port allocations.

Two relay connections are included, which are available on the back panel of the unit.


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