Telex BTR-80N UHF Wireless Intercom Base Station

Telex BTR-80N Narrow Band UHF Two-Channel Wireless Synthesized Base Station

The Telex BTR-80N Narrow Band 2-Channel UHF Wireless Base Station (A4M Telex, A1: 518-536MHz Transmit/614-632MHz Receive) is a 2-channel, frequency-agile UHF wireless intercom base station with channel access from each of 4 full-duplex beltpacks, stage announce output with relay closure, wireless talk around (ISO), the patented Enhanced ClearScan channel search feature, and a talk/listen headset station at the base.
The BTR-80N features a transparent graphical user interface and a backlit display, with advanced technology functions such as combination tone code/RF noise squelch and DSP digital audio processing.

This unit has an A4M Telex headset jack and works on A1: 518-536MHz Transmit/614-632MHz Receive frequencies.


Flexible Number of Beltpack Users per Base Station
RF meter on BTR-80N, TR-80N and TR-82N
Selectable Output Power
User-adjustable receiver squelch control
Wireless talk-around (WTA) and Stage Announce (SA)
25 kHz RF Bandwidth


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