Telex BTR-700 UHF Wireless Intercom Base Station

Telex BTR-700 UHF Wireless Intercom Base Station

The Telex BTR-700 is a professional UHF wireless intercom Base Station, offering full-duplex, frequency-agile support of up to 4 beltpacks plus a headset section for simultaneous five-person intercom communication, rugged all-metal construction, and a huge set of user selectable frequencies arranged in 24 factory preset groups.

The enhanced ClearScan feature of the BTR-700 searches for the optimal frequencies available in a given location and ranks them in select order of strength and clarity. The operation of this station is generally improved and simplified by the transparent graphic user interface, easily navigated by button selection, and presented clearly on the large, backlit LCD display.

The BTR-700 also features a highly versatile connectivity profile, with support of 2- and 4-wire intercoms and auxiliary audio sources on XLR connectors, enabling use as an expansion unit with existing intercom systems and matrices, including RTS and Clear-Com.

The BTR-700 represents a well designed and highly innovative use of the available wireless intercom technology, presented in simplified, intuitive fashion to the benefit of both the novice and veteran user, for installation purposes, or broadcast truck and other location applications.


Backlit Base Station LCD Allows the user to easily monitor the beltpackā€™s status
Base Stations are Table or Rackmountable
Beltpack Batteries Last up to 12-14 Hours
Beltpack units contained in a weather and shock resistant die cast magnesium case
ClearScan Function Automatically finds the best channels on which to operate
Compatible with Telex Audiocom, RTS, Clear-Com, & Other Wired Intercom Types
Convenient IEC Power Connector on the Base Station
Frequency-Agile Base Station & Beltpacks
Full Duplex (Simultaneous Talk & Listen) Operation


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