Telex WKP-1 1-Position Value Series Wall Keypanel

Telex WKP-1 1-Position Value Series Wall Keypanel

The Telex WKP-1 1-position value series wall keypanel is the industrial keypanel from Telex. It offers simplified operation and integrates seamlessly with RTS digital intercom systems (RTS ADAM, Cronus, ZEUS intercom systems). The physical size and weather-resistant design provides a flexible and robust intercom system. The GPI relay switch lets users set up door latching, unlatching and other related actions by pressing a single button from any panel in the system.


The unit sustains exposure to rain, snow, and direct sun, allowing it to work in all environments. It operates in temperatures ranging from -30° F (-34° C) to 120° F (49° C). The mechanical design of the anodized, aluminum front panel and non-removable volume control knob provide a vandal resistant panel.

GPI Relay
The WKP-1 has a local GPI relay four-pin terminal contact closure to give the user the functionality of latching, unlatching doors or other related functions, with the press of a button.

Front Panel
Single button interface for push to talk operation. There is a built-in waterproof speaker for listening capabilities. The panel has three LEDs used to indicate power ON, microphone ON, and Incoming Call Signaling.

The WKP-1 keypanel has a built-in waterproof Electret microphone. The microphone can be “hot mic” enabled or disabled through the use of a dip switch setting.

Keypanel Assignment
Key assignments, GPIO operation, and panel listen/muting functions are set via AZedit Software for the intercom matrix.

Audio Control
Vandal and weather resistant front panel volume controls adjusts listen level to the internal speaker. An internal limit adjustment sets the lower level of minimum volume achievable.

Audio Processing
An integral limiter/compressor insures maximum intelligibility of the spoken word. The compressor uses the RTS Standard compression design.

Dual Power
The keypanel can be powered locally or remotely via a CAT 5 connection from the matrix.


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