2017 New Products

The I.I.S. WiFi Mobile Camera is great for 2nd verification, “See What I See”, inspections…Connects wirelessly to your network to view/record live streaming video in Security Desk and Milestone.

Smart Card Check Station in Use.png

The I.I.S. Smart Card Briefing System will eliminate time keeping track of HRA Briefing Sheets and recalling them when personnel needs to make a HRA re-entry


The I.I.S. 30 Day WAM: Power the I.I.S. WAM (Wireless Area Radiation Monitors) for 30 days


I.I.S V.R.B.S. cut 1_Page_1

The I.I.S. Virtual Reality Briefing System

The Emperor LX Console 2016

The Emperor XL is the next generation Console from I.I.S.

2015 RDC Open 2

Newly designed I.I.S. Rapid Deployment Cart

WAM Poe Adapter DWG

The Gigabit PoE Splitter networks a non-PoE device in a remote location using a PoE network connection.


Borated Polyethelene Panels for shielding the railing of the platform during Dry Cask Storage activities.





RadEye NL thumb

RadEye NL is the ideal personal neutron radiation












RadEye B20

The RadEye B20 is a modern and compact survey meter that measure alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray surface contamination.










I.I.S. Wireless Client Module when connected to your wi-fi network will transmit data from up to 3 PoE devices.

I.I.S. Wireless Bridge 2

The I.I.S. Wireless Bridge Receiver will connect up to 3 I.I.S. Wireless Bridge Transmitters.

Integrated LED Display connected to a WAM D.

Personal Mobile Audio/Video



Commend Key Panel

I.I.S. Network Video Intercom